Scrap VFA! Movement Insists: More US Presence Not Welcome

Press Release

April 29, 2011

Contact Person:  Ana Maria Nemenzo #09189038687

                           Chester Amparo #09234208517


            Scrap VFA! Movement Insists:  More US Presence Not Welcome


          “Malacañang should not busy itself in denying use of Subic again as a US miltary base was discussed  recently by visiting US senators. Rather, it should make an unequivocal stand for national sovereignty.”


                This was the statement of Ana Maria Nemenzo of the Scrap VFA!Movement this morning in reaction to the denials issued by both the US Embassy press attaché Rebecca Thompson and Press Secretary Edwin Lacierda on Thursday regarding the reported unofficial agenda during the recent visit of US Senators Thad Cochran and Daniel Inouye in Manila and in Subic and Clark.


            “We are not expecting admission.  They have kept silent about the result of the review of the VFA after the president announced the existence of the review committee in October,”  Nemenzo explained.


The Scrap VFA Movement, an alliance formed after the inequities and other flaws of the
VFA became very evident in the Subic Rape Case, have been keeping a close watch of the developments regarding US troops operations in the Philippines.   It vows to oppose any plan or move that allows the US to operate the old bases like before as it also opposes use of te whole territory as “one big base under the VFA.”


            “It’s now 20 years after the abrogation of the Military Bases Agreement and twelve years after the ratification of the VFA.   It is high time the president clearly declares that it stands by the provision of the Constitution of 1987 regarding the bases and by the decision of the Senate in September 16, 1991 closing the bases and  scraps the VFA immediately.” Nemenzo concluded.


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